Charles C. Lauritsen Lab of High Energy Physics



Caltech Visit by Mary Anne Scott, DOE/MICS

May 22, 2002

Room 248 Lauritsen Lab


08:30       Introduction to the Caltech CMS Group      Harvey Newman      45 minutes


09:15       Caltech and CMS Grid Work Overview            Koen Holtman              30 minutes

   (by Phone)


09:45       CACR Tour, Tier2 Overview and Status       Julian Bunn             30 minutes


10:15         Coffee


10:30       Grid-enabled Analysis Environment (GAE)   Julian Bunn             15 minutes



10:45       Grid-enabling a PAW-based Analysis           Edwin Soedarmadji 15 minutes


11:00       nTuple to Analysis Object Data (AOD)        Eric Aslakson and         15 minutes

Edwin Soedarmadji


11:15       COJAC: Seamless Object Access Demo       Julian Bunn             15 minutes


11:30        Demo: Extracting AODs from Oracle 9i        Saima Iqbal
                                                                                          (by VRVS)


11:45       CLARENS                                                                                  Conrad  Steenberg       25 minutes


12:10       Lunch                                                 Sandwiches


12:25       Managing a Virtual Organization             Conrad Steenberg        20 minutes


12:45       Distributed System Monitoring Service          Iosif Legrand            20 minutes

                 Talk and Demo                                         (by VRVS)


13:05       Discussion                                           All                         40 Minutes


13:45       Mary Anne Departure