GIOD - Interest in I2-DSI

  • LHC Computing: timely access to powerful resources

    • Measure the prevailing network conditions
    • Predict and manage the (short term) future conditions
    • Implement QoS with policies on end to end links,
    • Provide for movement of large datasets
    • Match the Network, Storage, and Compute resources to the needs
    • Synchronize their availability in real time
    • Overlay the distributed, tightly coupled ODBMS on a loosely-coupled set of heterogeneous servers on the WAN
  • Potential Areas of Research with I2-DSI

    • Test ODBMS replication
      • Burst mode, using I2 backbones up to the Gbits/sec range
    • Experiment with data “localization” strategies
      • Roles of caching, mirroring, channeling
      • Interaction with Objectivity/DB
    • Experiment with policy-based resource allocation strategies
    • Evaluate Autonomous Agent Implementations

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