GIOD - Database of “real” LHC events

  • Caltech/HEP submitted a proposal to NPACI to generate ~1,000,000 fully-simulated multi-jet QCD events

    • Using CMSIM on the Exemplar
    • Directly study Higgs ? ?? backgrounds for first time
    • Computing power of Exemplar makes this possible in < 1 year
    • Accepted in March ‘98.
  • Event production on the Exemplar since May ‘98.

    • ~1.0 TBytes of FZ files (~1,000,000 events) in HPSS
    • Physics now being analysed at Caltech by Shevchenko/Wilkinson
  • Events also used as copious source of “raw” LHC event data for GIOD

    • Files are read using the “ooZebra” utility developed in CMS
    • Raw data objects (Tracker, Muon hit maps, ECAL, HCAL energy maps) created for each event and stored in federated database
    • Tracks and energy clusters reconstructed: new objects stored in the database
    • Pattern matching creates “physics” objects like Jets, Photons, Electrons, Missing ET which are stored in the database as “analysis objects”

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