GIOD - Database Tests (III)

  • Evaluated usability and performance of Versant ODBMS, Objectivity’s main competitor.

  • Converted our test application without problem, then measured performance in same way as we had for Objectivity

    • Conversion took ~1/2 a day: minor changes to schema and source code
    • Systems operation of Versant more cumbersome and time consuming (e.g. applying schema to each and every database)
    • API easier to use and offered some convenient built-in features (e.g. LinkVstr - Objectivity equivalent is user-constructed ooVArray).
    • “Predicate” queries seemed better implemented: certainly faster.
    • Versant Java binding worked well: at the time we tested, Objectivity did not offer Java.

  • Conclusion: Versant a decent “fall-back” solution for us

  • Following these tests we concentrated solely on Objectivity

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