Data Distribution Model

    Offline Processor Farm ~10 TIPS

    CERN Computer Centre

    USA Regional Centre ~1 TIPS

    France Regional Centre

    Italy Regional Centre

    Germany Regional Centre

    Institute ~0.1TIPS

    Physicist workstations

    ~100 MBytes/sec

    ~100 MBytes/sec

    ~622 Mbits/sec
    or Air Freight (deprecated)

    ~622 Mbits/sec

    ~1 MBytes/sec

    There is a “bunch crossing” every 25 nsecs.
    There are 100 “triggers” per second
    Each triggered event is ~1 MByte in size

    Physicists work on analysis “channels”.
    Each institute will have ~10 physicists working on one or more channels
    Data for these channels should be cached by the institute server

    Physics data cache


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