Pursuit of a Scalable High Performance Multi-Petabyte Database


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Table of Contents

Pursuit of a Scalable High Performance Multi-Petabyte Database

High Energy Experiments

High Energy Physics Quantitative Challenge

Common Elements


High Performance Storage System

The Obvious Solution

PPT Slide

The Capacity Transfer Rate Gap

Part of the solution: Together Alone

Opening up new vistas: The Extensible AMS

As big as it gets: Scaling The File System

Not out of the woods yet: Other Issues

No prophets here: Supplying Performance Hints

Where’s the data? Dealing With Latency...

Many out of one: Dynamically Replicated Databases

If There are many, which One Do I Go To?

The AMS Collective

Keeping the hackers at bay: Object Oriented Security

Overall Effects

Dynamic Load Balancing Hierarchical Secure AMS


Now for the reality

CERN staging approach: RFIO/RFCP + HPSS

SLAC staging approach: PFTP + HPSS

SLAC ultimate approach: Direct Tape Access

CERN 1TB Test Bed

SLAC Configuration

SLAC Detailed Configuration

Author: Andy Hanushevsky

Email: Andrew Hanushevsky

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