Porsche 911 Carrera 2 (1991) "Bimbo" - Porsche 964

(Bimbo is named in memory of my grandfather, James Bunn)


This is the colour called "Guards Red" with the Tiptronic transmission. It had 87,000 miles on the clock when I bought it. The car was delivered to its first owner in New Jersey in 1991, but after about 10,000 miles it changed hands and came to California in 1993, where it has been ever since. I am the fourth owner. The previous owner had apparently babied the car, and had it serviced at Dieter's in San Diego . In fact, all the previous owners had obviously taken very good care of it!

"87,000 miles, Guards Red, Tiptronic, black leather interior. Condition inside and out is exemplary, although there are a few inevitable minor chips in the paint on the front bonnet lip and on the edge of the passenger door. Car has spent most of its three-owner life in Southern California, but originally delivered to its first owner in New York. Copious service history back to 1993. Went through the 90,000 mile service recently, distributer belt and O2 sensor replaced at that time. Passed recent smog test with flying colours. All controls, electrics, lights, interior fittings functioning correctly. Appears to be completely stock with the Design 90 wheels, original wing mirrors, sunroof, original tool kit, jack, spare tire, all identification labels present and matching, no bolt-on aftermarket exhaust or cat bypass, air box not drilled, etc., although it does have a "performance chip" installed - the original chip is in the glovebox. Bridgestone tires in excellent condition with even wear and lots left. The car needed a fresh injection of R12 in the A/C and then blew nice and cold, although the PO warned that this needs doing every six months, so suspect a slow leak. Stock speakers in front door were completely kaput and needed replacing. Engine mounts will probably need replacement. Minor oil leak around front pulley seal."

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity

VIN: WP0AB2962MS410357

Engine: 62M51018

Transmission: 1002527

Exterior: Guards Red / G1

Interior: Black Interior - Partial Leather / LT


US Standard/Emission
Comfort Package
Tiptronic Transmission

(Apparently in other countries, this colour was called "Indian Red", but in the USA was marketed as "Guards Red" to avoid offence.)



1) 25/7/2006: After A/C recharge with R12 ($260 at Scientific Automotive) controls at full cold, blower on full, middle console vent measures 9C,48F.

2) 21/4/2007: Added 1/4" wheel spacers on rear. Added 1 pint Castrol 25W-50. Replaced diagnostic port cover. Replaced seatbelt anchor point cover.

3) 20/5/2007: Fitted Freeze12 fitments to R12 ports, and filled with 1.5 cans of Freeze12, plus one can of oil. Middle console measures 9C,48F again (was blowing hot)

4) 18/5/2007: Full wheel alignment at Just Tires.

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Information on the ScanTool OBD/Motronic interface

Can be found on the dedicated paged HERE

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Porsche 964 Manufacturer's Catalogue (PDF)

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Technical Specifications

(The following table is from Peter Morgan's site)

Model year Type Capacity
Top Speed
Type 964
1989-93 964 Carrera 4 3600 250 162 5.7 1450
1990-93 964 Carrera 2 3600 250 162 5.7 1350
1991-92 964 Carrera RS 3600 260 162 5.3 1230
1993 Speedster 3600 250 162 5.7 1350
1991-92 Turbo 3.3 3299 320 168 5.0 1470
1992 Turbo S 3299 380 180 4.6 1290
1993-94 Turbo 3.6 3600 360 175 4.8 1470
1993 964 Carrera RS 3.8 3746 300 168 4.9 1210

Idiot's Guide to the 964 Engine Compartment

Animated 911 Engine

This is a neat animated GIF that Leland Pate uses as his avatar on Rennlist:


More photos





The following photo shows Isabella in the passenger seat as I am about to garage the 911 after returning from buying it in San Diego.

I spent several weekends clearing a Porsche-sized space in the garage amongst all the Hallicrafters radios and Tektronix oscilloscopes. (The Porsche 911 is not a large car, fortunately!)