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Georgina and Jessica

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Above pictures taken at the Huntington Gardens, Pasadena, Summer 1999 (on a visit to see the smelly flower)


At the CACR "Retreat".

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At the Ritz Carlton, Pasadena, in June 1997.

Under careful supervision of Jan Lindheim, James Patton and I un-build a Beowulf at SC'97:

Looking with Roy Williams at rude pictures on the Web at SC'97 ...


My two daughters: Jessica and Georgina ... yay!

Sarah demonstrating her proboscis

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Looking thoughtful as I puzzle over the biderectional port setting for the Color Quickcam.

A picture of an almost identical car to mine:

Some gravitational collapse simulations from my "worlds" java applet.

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Getting a wet shock in Jurassic Park ... my hat is just visible in mid-air two rows back, just prior to colliding with someone's head.

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