The Cockney/English Dictionary

Apples and Pears Stairs
Ascot Races Braces
Aristotle Bottle
Almond Rocks Socks
Artful Dodger Lodger
April Fools Football Pools
Bob Hope Soap
Brown Bread Dead
Bo Peep Sleep
Butcher's Hook Look
Bread & Honey Money
Bread Money
Barnet Fair (Barnet) Hair
Boat Race Face
Current Bun Sun
Cushty Good
China Plate (China) Mate
Daisy Roots Boots
Dog & Bone Phone
Duchess of Fife (Duchess) Wife
Dicky Dirt Shirt
East & West Vest
Frog & Toad Road
Frying Pan Old Man
Fiver Five Pounds
Gregory Peck Neck
Gutted Unhappy
Holy Ghost Toast
Hampstead Heath Teeth
Isle of Wight Light
Itch and Scratch Match
Jam Jar Car
Jam Tart Heart
Joanna Piano
Jackanory Story
Joe Brown Town
Kippers Slippers
Laugh and Titter Bitter (Beer)
Lilley and Skinner Dinner
Loop the Loop Soup
Lord Lovell Shovel
Mince Pies Eyes
Man on the Moon Spoon
Mutton Jeff Deaf
Mother of Pearl Girl
North & South Mouth
Noah's Ark Lark
Oxford Scholar Dollar
Paraffin Lamp Tramp
Plates of Meat Feet
Pen & Ink Stink
Porky Pies Lies
Quid A Pound
Rosie Lee Tea
Rabbit & Pork (Rabbit) Talk
Rub-a-dub-dub Pub
Scotch Pegs (Pegs) Legs
Skin & Blister Sister
Tenner Ten Pounds
Titfer Tat Hat
Trouble & Strife Wife
Tin Tack Sack
Trick Cyclist Psychiatrist
Uncle Ned Bed
Vera Lynn Gin
Whistle & Flute Suit