Analogue Sound Synthesizers

This page shows some images of Sound Synthesizers. You may like to check out my page which describes my Minisonic2 Sound Synthesizer project.

This is G.D.Shaw's prototype Practical Electronics Sound Synthesizer, as pictured in the Feb 1973 Practical Electronics (PE) Magazine.

This is the final version of the PE Sound Synthesizer (same issue)

The front cover of the Feb 1973 Practical Electronics magazine.

G.D.Shaw followed up in 1974 with this more portable synthesizer, called the MiniSonic, complete with stylus keyboard.

My original caption to this scan was "Here is G.D.Shaw himself, proudly showing his MiniSonic Sound Synthesizer!". I was thus surprised and delighted to receive an email from G.D.Shaw in January 2003, pointing out that the person in the photograph is not him, but is in fact J.D.Pountney, at that time the art editor of Practical Electronics. So I stand corrected - thanks Doug:-)

An advert for a sophisticated Sound Synthesizer, marketed by D.E.W.. This advert appears in the Feb 1973 issue of Practical Electronics.

Nothing to do with Synthesizers, but this advert is notable for showing some of the earliest commercially available cassette tape recorder/players.