"Thankyou for your enquiry about a loan of our XWY-8791-PLZ card/switch 
combo, which includes the PRT-1597-LTY smorgasbord PCI card, GRP-100
dongle, FRTY-911 simplex/duplex crossover fabric conditioner (available
in red or blue and lavender aroma), ARTY-FRTY-142 bus mastering 
conductor (VOIP enabled), SLPPY-JOE-754 club mix MP3 disco attachment, 
and the WRK-HRSE-100 ermin-trimmed network engineer gown (with gold 
USB connectors). Unhappily, the SLPPY-JOE is unavailable in 1550nm, so we can 
substitute a 450nm blue LED, which IMHO will look just as pretty. The 
ARTY-FRTY-142, although a bus mastering conductor, has recently been 
returned with laryngitis, so we suggest adding a VRY-LWD-320 amplifier. 
If this configuration is acceptable, please let me have an ETA for your PO 
and I will OK it ASAP with our BU.

Yours Truly,
Fred Block-Mode,
Loaners Dept."