Hallicrafters S-40A Communications Receiver S/N HA-81051

The picture above and below show the S40A after some restoration.

Below is the interior after restoration. The chassis has been rubbed down with steel wool and then given a very light wipe over with WD40. The dials, speaker, and front panel fittings, including dial glasses, were removed and cleaned.

The above picture shows the fuse holder I installed. I used the hole that was already in the chassis: when the receiver arrived it had a bunch of wires emerging from it, which were attached to an 8-pin tube socket. Inside, under the chassis, a tag strip had been added (see picture below) to which these wires were connected. From the tag strip, a couple of wires were connected to the two output tubes. My guess is that this was some sort of external tone control or amplifier set up. I removed the whole lot.

Here is the S40A as it arrived:

Purchased on Ebay for $36.00. Made a loud hum when powered up. Inspection under-chassis showed a lot of wax paper capacitors that looked like they were on their last legs, or dead. (Notice the tag strip soldered to the chassis, on the left hand side of the picture ... this is mentioned above.)

The cause of the hum was found to be the electrolytic 30/10/10 multi-section can. This had clearly been leaking. Fortunately, I had a spare 40/10/10 can, which I used to replace it with. I also replaced several of the wax/paper capacitors, which looked in poor shape.

After these changes, the receiver fired up and received stations.

I rubbed down the cabinet with emery paper, and spray painted it with black car paint (DupliColor Universal Black):

The front panel I completely disassembled, cleaned up, and then covered with a very light coating of polyurethane satin enamel.

Here are some more pictures of the S40A as received. The knobs, front panel and chassis were filthy.

In this picture (below) can be seen the octal tube holder and wires, an add-on whose purpose is unknown (and since removed).

The front panel, after removal, prior to touch up and re-finishing.

S-40 Operation manual is here.

S-40 Service manual is here.

Sams Photofact for the S-40 is here.