1. CMS Tier2 production cluster:
This cluster is dedicated for CMS production related activities. This
comprises a 7U Dell PowerEdge 4400 Rack-mounted server that acts as a
front-end server for cluster. This was purchased on the fourth quater of
2000 from Dell Computer Inc. It has 2 Intel Xeon PIII 1.0 GHz processors
with 256K Cache and uses ServerWorks Departmental ServerSet III chipset.
It has 2 GB of PC133 SDRAM main memory. The motherboard has has 2 66
MHz/64 bit, 4 33 MHz/64 bit and 1 33 MHz/32 bit PCI slots. It has 2 Ultra
160 SCSI controller, 2 SysKonnect 9843 Gigbit cards, built-in 10/100
Mbps copper ethernet controller and ATI 3D Rage IIC video chipset.It
consists of 2 Quantum and 5 IBM SCSI hard drives. It is equiped with
Adaptec SCSI 39160 and Adaptec AHA-2940U2 PCI cards to attach 2.5 TB of
Winchester FlashDisk RAID5 storage devices. It's opearating Red Hat 6.2
with 2.4.17 Linux kernel. It is mounted on 19 inch rack from Black Box.

There are 20 2U 19 inch rack mounted compute nodes on this cluster and
were purchased on fourth quater of 2000 from Datel Systems Inc. They use
Supermicro 370 DLE motherboard with 2 Intel PIII 800 MHz processors,
Serverset III LE chipset, 512 MB of PC133 ECC registered SDRAM. They have
2 66MHz/64 bit, 4 33 MHz/32 bit and 1 16 bit ISA PCI slots. They come with
2 30 GB Maxtor U-IDE drives and 1 Intel eepro100 10/100 copper ethernet

2. USCMS Grid Testbed Cluster:

This is a Athlon based testbed cluster solely used for CMS grid production
related activities like MOP. It consists of 1 1U front-end server, 3 2U
compute nodes and 1 1U NAS server. All of these were bought from Einux
Systems on first quater of 2002.

The 1U server is built with Tyan S2462NG K7 Thunder AMD motherboard and
uses 2  AMD Athlon(tm) MP 1900+ (1.6 GHz) processors, 1 GB of PC2100/266
DDR ECC registered main memory, 2 3Com 3C920 10/1000 and 1 intel Pro
copper gigabit controller. It has 100 GB of Western Digita ATA/100 drive.
It is enclosed in 1U Alum Rackmount Case Version 6 chasis and mounted om
19 in rack from Black Box.

The 2U nodes are built with Tyan S2466N Tiger MPX Dual AMD MB w/3C
motherboard and uses 2 AMD Athlon(tm) MP 1900+ (1.6 GHz) processors, 512
MB of memory, 1 3Com 10/100 and 1 Intel Pro/1000T 64 Bit gigabit
controller. They come with Western Digital's 100 GB IDE drives and are
mount on same 19 inch rack.

3. Network Test servers:

Our group is very much involved in WAN related measurements between
Caltech, Starlight and CERN. We have installed very high servers on of all
these sites and begun tests on recently comissioned OC-12 and OC-48
transatlantic links. There 6 at Starlight, 4 at CERN and three at Caltech.
All of these were bought from Acme Micro Systems, Inc. on third quarter of
2002. However, at Caltech we have two systems from diefferent vendor
called Ashford Computer Consulting Service. The systems from ACME are
built from Supermicro P4DP8-G2 motherboards that use 2.2 GHz Intel P4
Xeon processors and come with 1 GB of main memory. All of these systems
are also equiped with SysKonnect 9843 gigabit cards even though they have
built-in gigabit copper ports. The systems from Ashford are built from
Supermicro P4DP6 motherboards and all other spec are same of ACME systems.

All of the above system specifications were specified by ourselves as per
our requirements.

In the very near future we will be upgrading our tier2 production cluster
by adding 20 more high end 1U compute nodes from Acme Micro Systems, Inc.
They will be built from Supermicro P4DPR-I motherboards which will employ
dual Intel Xeon 2.4 GHz 512K Cache procesoors and come with 1 GB of PC2100
ECC registered DDR memory. Each will have 1 80GB Maxtor IDE drive, 1
onboard Intel Gigabit, 1 Intel fast ethernet and ATI Rage graphic