SOAP version of Clarens

Good Conrad,

    I'm interested to see a SOAP-based server setup
and monitored by a Distributed System Service by
Iosif. Now the question is, how should Clarens' operations
be monitored -- what information is published, how, etc.
This a good example of a generic problem: coherent
oversight/management/optimization of distributed services
implies that the services being so managed have a well-understood
(hopefully self-describing) way of (1) publishing some operational
information (2) provide information to applications and/or users
who want or need the information (3) later, interacting with the
management services for the purpose of overall system efficiency-
improvement, or problem resolution.


Conrad Steenberg wrote:

> Hi
> The subject says it all: The code to implement a Clarens server using
> SOAP encoded messages is now available in the CVS archive.
> Please see the news section at
> for more details, or
> the CVS page at for download
> instructions.