Java, .NET and SQLServer, from Edwin Soedarmadji, 10/10/2002

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the excellent summary. I agree with the
observation about Java and interfacing  with  Java
(which  are  two  different things). I don't think
Java was designed the way C++ was designed to work
with C. So a Java module has its place.

About prioritization. I'm currently working on the 
.NET web service talking to a SQLServer and on   a
Java web service that talks to Oracle. They expose
strictly either Microsoft or Java (as defined   by
their WS toolkit of choice) SOAP interface.   This,
will provide the Java/.NET flavor of the demo.  As
Harvey said, of course the Java path will be  more
acceptable as it is not construed as a proprietary
or commercial path. So this is what Eric mentioned
as the Java distribution for Java clients.   There
should be enough to do from  now  to  mid-November 
including setting up the environment at CERN   for

Then after the demo, my assignment is to look   at
Iguana codebase.

So all looks good, I think.