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PCBUNN: LHC Computing, Medical Cellphones, Community Seismic Network, Radiation Detection and Other Research

Latest Information

Senior Spotlight on Judy Mou, who worked on the Hazard Weather Station Android software


Pervasive Computing for Disaster Response

This is an NSF-funded project, in collaboration with UC Irvine and IIT Gandhinagar, India. See the project website here.

The objective of this project is to develop key components of community-based pervasive systems which will allow citizens to respond to disasters.

The Community Seismic Network is a related project.

Sandra Fang, a Caltech SURF student in 2012, built a "Home Hazard Weather Station" - check out her blog here. This is a photo of the completed prototype, which contains sensors for dangerous gasses such as CO and LPG, acceleration, barometric pressure, humidity, sound, light, and radiation (using a Geiger counter).


Cellphone Medicine Project Notes

SURFers Develop Cell-Phone Medical Devices

(SURFers Theresa Juarez (left) and EunJee Lee have contributed to the cell phone medicine project.)

Work with Prof. K. Mani Chandy on various aspects of using cellphones as sensing devices, and in particular as first response medical tools. Here's a proposal we submitted to the Gates Foundation.

This is our idea for a 10c Medical Checkup.

Here is a presentation by Victor Chu and Aleksander Palatnik, two SURF students who worked with us on this project over the Summer 2009.

The Community Seismic Network.

Some C++ code now in SourceForge that implements Gene Expression Programming, a type of genetic algorithm: GeneExpress.

Install and Run CMSSW in 25 Easy Steps

KPCC news item about the LHC start up:

ABC Eyewitness News Channel 7 interview/piece about LHC startup:

Interview with Larry Mantle on AIRTALK:

Information about an attempted port of CMSSW to Windows

Software for handheld devices and mobile phones.

Supercomputing SC07, Reno, Nevada

Presentation made at the JHU eScience Workshop on the topic of "Globally Distributed Computing and Networking for Particle Physics Event Analysis", 10/13/2006 (PPT)

Supercomputing SC06, Tampa, Florida

Creating Portals with the Clarens GAE toolkit

PCI Bus Use Investigation

Click the image for more information on the GIOD Project.

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A position statement "The Importance of Data Locality in Distributed Computing Applications", Alex Szalay, Julian Bunn, Jim Gray, Ian Foster, Ioan Raicu prepared for the NSF Workflow Workshop, May 1-2, 2006, and presented there by Alex.

Some usage guidelines for bbcp.

We hosted the Rector of Pakistan's NUST university, at a visit to Caltech in December 2005.

Information about the SC2005 Caltech Booth and Bandwidth Challenge.

An information page on the Caltech/CACR Booth at SC2004, and the Press Release describing our 100Gbits/sec winning entry in the SC2004 Bandwidth Challenge.

We have some student projects in the area of Grid Enabled Analysis: contact me if you are interested.

An informal talk entitled "Grids 4 Physics 101" describing HEP-related Grid projects and their history. (PPT,PDF) [Beware: PPT is about 12MB, PDF is about 6MB)

Data Intensive Grids for High Energy Physics ... by Julian Bunn and Harvey Newman

Pages describing the Grid Analysis Environment work.

The SC2001 Bandwidth Challenge entry.

A description of the prototype Tier2 computing facility, installed at the Center for Advanced Computing Research (CACR).

A series of lectures on Distributed Databases (PDF,PPT), given by JJB at the Nathiagali Summer College in Pakistan, 2001

COJAC - A Java and Java3D based geometry viewer for GEANT3 geometry files. Uses the Java Native Interface with CERN Program Library and utility C and Fortran files. The linked zip file contains the source code and installation instructions for Linux. COJAC was developed on Windows 2000. A picture of the viewer.

A talk on Virtual Data for HEP Analysis.

"The GIOD Project" - paper accepted at the Computing in High Energy Physics conference, Padova, Italy, Februuary 2000.

Some early results using gsiftp between Caltech and Argonne (Word, PDF)

A short version of the GIOD Final Status Report (Word, PDF)

The Final Status Report from the GIOD Project (Word, PDF)

Genetic algorithm track finding

Picture of our 1 TByte Fibre-Channel disk array (from nStor) and Sun Enterprise 250 server.

Presentation, September 1999 : at the EU-US Workshop on large scientific databases in Annapolis by JJB

Report from Josh Bao on network monitoring studies

Article : NPACI User Report: Discovering the Higgs Particle(s), 1999

The JavaCMS animated GIF

Extended Abstract on Object Database scalability tests, submitted to SC'99

Presentation at the weekly Digital Sky meeting in CACR

A Brochure describing the GIOD Project, prepared by Hewlett-Packard Co.

Presentation on the Objectivity/HPSS Interface by Andy Hanushevsky

Status Report for the Project, March 1999

Initial Tests with ODBMS Clients over ATM

The PASTA report

Briefing on the new HPSS system at Caltech/CACR

Diagram of WAN setup for database access tests with SDSC

Java 3D event viewer using JFC

Presentation at I2-DSI Workshop

Old Projects (Funded and Proposed)

The Global Grid-Enabled Collaboratory for Scientific Research (GECSR) to NSF, 2003 (and in PDF)
The FAST Proposal to NSF, 2003
The CAIGEE Project (NSF Funded)
The International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory (iVDGL) (NSF funded)
The Grid Physics Network (GriPhyN) Project (NSF funded)
The Scientific Data Collaboratory (SciDaC) Project (DoE funded)
The Particle Physics Data Grid (DoE/NGI funded)
Models Of Networked Analysis at Regional Centres (CERN funded)[3]
Accessing Large Data Archives in Astronomy and Particle Physics (NSF/KDI funded) with Alex Szalay (JHU) et al.



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